Tour of Ireland - The Return Leg

September 20, 2018

Early morning the rains falling lightly as I pack my things. 5 in the morning trying not to awake anyone as I prepare for the homeward leg of my Ireland jaunt. I wash shave and tip toe down the stairs and before I can get to the bottom on comes the kitchen light and there is Anne to greet me. She says I couldn’t possibly let you leave the house without something to eat. There she has in her hand a small bag containing a couple of rounds of sandwiches home made buns and a flask of boiling water for my tea. Just a little breakfast for your journey home she says. I wish her and her family all the best and put breakfast on the bike with the rest of my gear. If ever you are thinking of visiting Ireland and you want simple clean quiet accommodation you wont go far wrong by booking the Inny River Lodge B&B. Its not near pubs or large towns its just friendly hospitable accommodation that looks after you.


I start up the bike and point her in the direction of Dublin and off I go . At this time in the morning there is nothing on the quiet back roads except large puddles from the overnight rain. So gently, gently does it no great speed as overnight we have had strong winds and heavy rain and I don’t want to round a corner and find a branch of a tree blocking the road. I leave the L1902 and join the N4 for the journey back already at this time in the morning on the main road traffic is quite busy. I join the morning jostle for position and try to relax in the gale force wind. The secret to riding in windy weather is to relax and not over grip your bike use your knees for grip and relax the arms and hands so the hand on the bars is very gentle. Eventually the N4 becomes the M4 and Im wondering about the toll booth that lays ahead. After about an hour just as the day starts to brighten there she blows and we go through the routine of stop gloves off find the cash pay the man then gloves off and away we go. By this time traffic is your typical early morning city rush. The M4 becomes the M50 and on we rush towards Dublin . Eventually you follow the signs of the M50 onto the N31 for the docks have your credit card or cash ready for yet another Toll booth. This time the fee is $10 not an inconsiderable amount for a motorbike your charged the same as a car.  After 2 hours I arrive at the ferry terminal to catch the earlier ferry as because of the weather the fast boat is cancelled. I unpack my flask and enjoy Anne’s breakfast. About 0730hrs the ferry starts to load bikes first :0).


The Ferry journey is no where near a bad as the news would have you believe and 4 hours after embarking we disembark into Holyhead docks. Word of caution watch out for dock traffic as there are lots of upgrades going on. More than one horn was being sounded in anger. I pick up the A55 and leave the docks but now the wind is really blowing and some of the gusts are moving the bike about so its relax don’t stress think well in advance and choose your spots for best position. As I approach Bangor the warning signs are lit that the main bridge is closed for motorcycles and a diversion is in place. So off the A55 I go for a wonder round Bangor to cross the old Menai Straights bridge. Nothing wrong with this diversion very pretty. Eventually its back onto the A55 for the ride to Manchester .  The A55 becomes the M56 and on we head home. Nothing much else to say except I had a great time. Once home I enjoyed a Whaler to finish a great trip....!



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