Tour of Ireland - Day 5

September 18, 2018

Today's ride was roughly 106 miles in each direction give or take. The take bit is the Sat nav got creative on the return leg 🤣. The outward journey was fairly uneventful along good class N roads and motorways. Much of the route was as for Cong on Friday. Traffic was getting a little heavier today though as lots of heavy goods vehicles were transporting tractors and farm equipment to the all Ireland ploughing competition in Tullamore .  This resulted in many of the round abouts being awash with diesel spills I was nearly high as a kite on the fumes by the time I joined the motorway.  It did make the roundabouts a pretty colour in the rain though. Seriously though remember Ireland is heavily agricultural and you need to take account of this. So after 2.5 hours I arrived in Limerick. Much like Cork they have managed to make the main route into the city resemble an industrial estate. I was looking for king Island and the signing was plentiful.  I arrived safe and sound and there was a good sized car park resembling a builder's yard in which to park the bike. Just remember to watch your balance when putting your feet down it's like a field of marbles. 




Once the bike was sorted I enjoyed a pleasant 3 hours wandering around king John's Castle. This is well worth a visit as it is well laid out and describes Irish history very well and explains why we still have the troubles. The castle also has a good restaurant and gift shop.


Once back on the road I told the Sat nav home Jeeves and boy did it take me home. Occasionally  I would see some sections of the roads i had travelled up but the rest of the time it was surprise surprise.  I think there was a 12 mile section of motorway and 6 miles of N roads that I had ridden up in total. The rest of the ride was down C Class single track roads which tested your powers of observation and choice of line and engine braking. As they were heavily covered in alternate verdigra or gravel  engine braking was much the preferred option. One thing they did do though was shelter me from the gale that was blowing. They tended to have high walls hedges or banks so the wind went straight over me. Dont ask me what the names of the roads were all I can say is they made the return journey very interesting,


On arrival back at the B&B I was once again met by Ann who went above the call of duty to bring me 2 rounds of toasted sandwiches and home made cakes. Yet another perfect end to the day.

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