Tour of Ireland - Day 4

September 17, 2018

As it was a Sunday and the roads would be quiet I decided that today I would go into Dublin . The route would be the L1902 the N4 and the  M4 motorway. A quick sprint by the standard of what I have been riding these last few days. 65 miles each way mostly duel carriageway and motorway so not a lot to report about the ride to and from as once you've seen a motorway you have seen them all. The route is pretty enough but nothing spectacular, on the way there and back I tried to adhere to the speed limits . This resulted in my being overtaken by nearly every other vehicle on the road. I won't be doing that again as it seemed to under nerve the locals. On arriving in Dublin I spent 30 minutes riding around looking for designated parking slots but no were to be found. The locals would appear to mount the pavements and chain their machines to the nearest lamp post etc. I left mine parked on parliament street all day with no problem.




Once I had parked my machine I wondered around finding my bearings before settling for a guided tour of Dublin Castle. Once I'd paid for my ticket I had 80 minutes to spare before the off so decided it would be a good time for lunch. I thought yesterday's fare was of a poor quality and today's was no better. Half hearted service and half cooked lunch in a pub that hadn't seen a duster in quite a while. Having looked in a few it looked no better or worse than the others. All I can say is don't take the tourists for granted we can put the word out. The tour of the castle itself was very good and the guide excellent however at the end I felt that only half the story had been told. Lots of buildings and social elements but next to nothing on the Easter uprising. Funny as there were plaques at the castle gates stating that 3 of the very first killed in action took place here. 


After my castle tour I took afternoon tea before riding back the same route that I had ridden down that morning. The weather was good 20 degrees dry and sunny with a lite breeze.  I arrived back at the Inny River Lodge to be greeted by Anne and a lovely evening cuppa and toasted ham sandwiches accompanied by home made scones a perfect end to another day.




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