Tour of Ireland - Day 2

September 17, 2018

The day started with that breakfast that I had been thinking of last night. Washed down with a fair amount of rosy Lee (tea) As I Sat there ruminating about the days ride I selected the full waterproofs option in my head as the rain was bouncing off the flagstones. Not to be daunted by the weather I dashed upstairs and threw my kit on and headed out the door. 


The ride started with 10 miles of C class roads ie single carriageway in most places with green moss/grass growing down the middle of them from lack of use. However by taking it steady and out of the centre of the road this was a steady uneventfull ride. Once I arrived at the N4 and turned left for Cong the sun was starting to make the occasional foray between the clouds.  The N4 is well surfaced and broad road which allows for surefooted riding. With this in mind I pushed ahead at the legal speed limit to the junction with the N55 where I turned towards Athlone and the M6. The N5 is a super road for bike riding as it is well surfaced and twisty without being too technical. It's possible to push the national speed limit all the way down this road. The light traffic was easily despatched. It was over far too soon. 


On leaving the N55 I joined the M6 heading towards Galway.  Not a lot to be said about motorways they get you from A to B quickly and efficiently. All I will say about Irish ones is watch your rear view mirrors as the speed limit would appear to be advisory 😉 There is only 1 niggle I've come across since arriving in Ireland and it's the silly Toll booths on Motorways. This involves a time wasting exercise for bike riders of stopping taking off your gloves getting the cash out from where ever then getting dressed again. To do all this for 1 euro is a pain. Still onward and upwards. After 68 miles of motorway it was back onto nice rural roads for the final 26 miles to Cong. I've found the local drivers to be very considerate and willing to share the highway. If there is a chance for you to overtake they tend to move over to give you the pass. After a total of 2 hours Cong hove into view and lunch was on the cards after a photo opportunity. Cong is a beautiful little village with a few pubs and restaurants and tourist shops.The Irish stew went down well and warmed me to the bones.




The return journey followed much the same route's back ie the motorway. However I did go off piste before the motorway and after it. These sojourn's proved worthwhile in that they took you into the very rural roads. All C grade but very interesting technical rides. Don't ask what roads they were as I just followed my nose. Just be aware they are likely to have lots of rural dangers on them. One thing I did notice was the amount of nice looking properties that were for sale.


On my return to the B & B Anne was there to greet me with a pot of tea and a sandwich with home made cakes. Just as it should be. Tomorrow I think I will head South to Cork and see what's going on down there.

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