Tour of Ireland.....the off

September 14, 2018

The day started on a down after receiving a text message at 2100hrs yesterday saying that my fast ferry crossing had been cancelled and I was now booked on the slow ferry leaving 3 hours later. Sill the upside was I managed to get a large full English in the T pot cafe prior to departure. Also got an extra hours sleep 😀 not all bad news.


Leaving the teapot cafe at 0915hrs I started a slow ride for the ferry in Holyhead Wales. The initial few miles over the moors was its usual relaxing and pleasant ride. As I headed over the Woodhead pass towards Manchester I took note that the reservoirs at Mottram we're all exceedingly low on water. Dropping off Mottram moor the traffic started tighten up as it always does eventually grinding to a halt. Not a problem as I had plenty of time in hand and a bit of filtering is always good fun. There followed an exceedingly boring ride through the motorway conurbations of greater Manchester. Eventually I broke free and sped towards the Welsh border.


Entering Wales I picked up the North Wales Expressway taking me directly to Holyhead some 68 miles away.  Whilst not the most challenging of routes at least the scenery was nice. In the distance I could see the Welsh mountains surrounded by pretty low lying clouds. This scene kept pulling me towards the distant port. Along the route there were sections of average speed check cameras so be aware if ever coming this way. The scenery developed into sea on the right and mountains on the left and at one stage where there were mountains, sea and tunnels I could almost imagine I was back in Norway. Eventually at around 1215hrs I arrived in Holyhead (not a pretty sight). The ferry terminal can best be described as functional and efficient. We were embarked in good time and in a ship shape fashion. As a reward for being buggered about the ferry company had graciously upgraded me to club class. 


The crossing itself was uneventful and dull as dish water however the tea was plentiful and the buffet sufficient.


Ireland had arrived. Once free of the port it was a battle through the city centre and the evening rush hour traffic. I can only say they were pushing the luck of the Irish. Dublin looks a pretty city and I will revisit it on Sunday when perhaps it may be a little less frantic. At this stage of my journey Mr Sat Nav decided that it was a good time to play silly buffers and Jack in. It produced a version of that well known African tribe the where the F--krwe. I had to revert to using my phone for directions. The N4 route is quite a nice ride once you clear the urban conurbations.  I encounted a local motorcyclist along this section and it seemed unfair not to take up his offer of a spirited ride for 30 miles or so. It's rumoured that some quite fast speeds can be had along these roads.


Leaving the N4 my choice of routes went from motorway to duel carriageway to single carriageway to B roads and then c roads. Shall we say by this time I was cursing the gods that had cancelled my earlier ferry. Still all ends well as I arrived at my accommodation just as the lady light faded. The land lady of the B&B Anne was there to greet me on arrival and a cream tea was produced to welcome me. 

I'm now sprawled on my bed thinking of England and a breakfast in the morning to fill my belly. It's a hard life but someone has to do it . Whippet and flat cap are tucked up for the night looking forward to tomorrow's adventures.  



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